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Learn More About the Manufacture of Wood Flooring

Wood remains a viable construction material for homes, offices, schools, and commercial establishments. As it is often used as flooring for residential and commercial properties, its quality should remain top-notch. To that end, the wood flooring industry follows strict manufacturing standards.

So how is wood flooring manufactured?

Wood is harvested from forests. Hardwood logs will be taken to a sawmill and converted to green lumber, which will be transported to a wood flooring mill. The logs will then be loaded into a kiln and dried to become lumber.

To produce uniform thickness and widths, the lumber will go through various processes, including planning, ripping, trimming, and moulding. The resulting products are unfinished solid strips or plank flooring. Sealant and coatings may be applied to wood flooring in pre-finishing stage. The final product will then be packaged and moved to a retail facility.

Notably, some wood flooring manufacturers may have used adhesives that contain urea formaldehyde resin. While the use of formaldehyde is beneficial in some cases, its application in this industrial process will result to emissions. More importantly, prolonged exposure of people to formaldehyde may lead to certain health problems, such as eye irritation, respiratory illnesses, skin rash, and more. To remedy this concern, the European Commission and other countries have passed legislation that aims to lower formaldehyde content in wood flooring adhesives.

Wood itself is an eco-friendly material. Nevertheless, the manufacture and transportation of raw materials into wood flooring result to greenhouse gas emissions. However, those emissions can be lowered by combusting wood flooring at the end of its lifespan. Storing wood flooring in landfills tend to increase the emissions as methane is produced.

Now that you know the process of manufacturing wood, make it a point to extend its lifespan to reduce its impact on the environment. For sanding, finishing, and restoring of wood flooring, contact this company now.

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