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A Closer Look at the Signs of Water Damage to Wooden Floors

Elegant and classic—these two terms best describe wooden floors. There is something about wood that makes a house special. It could be because any piece made of wood needs extra pampering—and it is all due to the fact that the material is permeable, making it susceptible to damage.

Because wood is porous, it has a high absorption rate. Wooden floors found near plumbing fixtures are considerably prone to water wreckage. Even though finishes and sealants protect these types of flooring, poor maintenance practices may cause damage. The following signs of water damage to wooden floors warrant a home owner's attention:

Mould and Mildew

Moisture paves the way for fungi and other microorganisms to dwell in affected wooden fixtures. Once you notice any dark discolouration in the surface, it could be that mould and mildew have already tainted the wooden floor. If the spots have not totally penetrated the wood, it is quite easier to clean off. However, there is a need to sand and then re-finish the floor so as to avoid further build-up and stains. The next step is to take the necessary measures to eliminate the source of moisture and humidity.


Ridges may be evident once the hardwood plank separates from its subfloor. A rare occurrence, buckling is a form of damage brought about by constant water exposure—particularly if the location of the house is prone to flooding.


Cupping in wood floorings happens when a plank's edges is on a higher level than its centre. Again, dampness or high humidity triggers it to expand. Uneven moisture, usually when the bottom part collects water, causes it to appear cupped.

Indeed, wooden floors need that extra TLC. Taking the essential steps to prevent moisture seeping through will help you save a lot of time, effort, and money from replacing the entire wood flooring. The best way to protect it is through proper installation and finishing.

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