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Staying Productive at Home with the Right Office

Being able to work at home or with flexible hours is considered a blessing for a lot people, especially parents. After all, it's one way to achieve work/life balance.

Despite the advantages, however, there are downsides to working at home. This is especially true if you don't have a designated office. Even at home, you still need to behave the same way you would and should when you're in an actual workplace. For this reason, you should set up the appropriate work space, complete with office desks from Melbourne, and with productivity in mind.

  • Pick the right location

Whether you set up an office in the bedroom, loft or garage, it's important that you can insulate yourself from all sorts of distractions, at least for the entire time that you need to work. So choose an area that enables you to concentrate and listen to your thoughts.

Just make sure that the place isn't too small or crammed as this won't help you become productive at all. There should be enough room for you to breathe and move around, similar to some of the best home office designs. Other factors to consider include:

  • Access to natural light
  • Access to wired or Wi-Fi connection
  • Telecommunications connection (if necessary)
  • Storage system
  • Ergonomic furniture, such as quality computer desk from Melbourne

Once you've picked a room, turn it into a professional-looking space, starting with a good floor sanding and finishing.

  • Consider health and safety

You have to admit that it's tempting to work slouched on the couch with your laptop perched on your lap. If there's anything you learn about ergonomics, however, this kind of set-up is bad for your health. So make sure to buy a desk, similar to one of those home office desksin Melbourne that are sold online, which is specifically designed for working safely and efficiently.

Ideally, your employer should perform a risk assessment of your home office, to ensure that the environment is, indeed, conducive to productivity. If they will, then be sure to showcase something impressive. Hire wood flooring sanders to give the interior that brand new appeal, and buy high quality office desks from Melbourne.

  • Add essential technology

Fast and reliable internet connection is one of the major requirements of flexible working. If there's no IT set up in your home, you might not be eligible for this kind of office arrangement. So make sure your network is all wired and fired up. There should be wireless or Wi-Fi technology, so you have the option to go hotdesking around the house if you feel the need to get away from your home office.

Before you settle in your home-based workplace, however, discuss with your employer how you'll be compensated for the resources you used at home — internet connection, electricity, lights, telephone, etc. There should be an agreement on how the company will pay for certain resources that you used mainly for work, which may depend on the kind of flexible work that you are involved in.


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