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Which Wood Floor Types Are Resistant to Scratch?

You may have heard that wood is durable, making it a great flooring material. However, you probably don’t know that not all types are actually resistant to quick wear and tear.

Well, wood floors actually encompass several varieties with differences ranging from type of timber to finish. As a note, some of these types may not be too durable.

So if you want to install your home with a scratch-resistant flooring material, you might find the following examples good options.

1. Engineered Hardwood – This type usually comprises a plywood base and several thin wood pieces fused together using heat and pressure. Once attached, the manufacturer applies veneer to the top layer for durability.

A company that specialises on installing flooring materials usually attached an engineered hardwood to a concrete subfloor.

2. Solid Hardwood – This type is created entirely from a single natural wood variety. Usually produced as planks, it is attached to a subfloor using nails. Then, it is treated with a finishing product or sealant to protect the wood from dampness and moisture and to provide the surface unique gloss.

Depending on several factors—amount of traffic, finish, or wood variety—many hardwood materials are subject to scratches and dents over longer periods. However, you can lengthen their shine through proper maintenance. You may also want to hire people who provide refinishing and sanding services. The company featured on this website can help make your floor look glossy and like new.


Scratch-Resistant Wood Varieties

Now, it’s not enough to know that engineered and solid hardwood floors are durable. You may also want to learn particular tree or wood species that make great flooring materials. These usually include Bolivian cherry, Brazilian teak and walnut, and oak.

Generally, the harder the wood variety, the less vulnerable it is to scratches or dents. Many flooring manufacturers measure a timber’s hardness using the Janka scale, which assesses the material’s ability to endure wear and tear.

Of course, these aren’t the only points you need to know about wood floors. If you prefer it to other solutions, it is best to talk with flooring experts to choose an ideal product for your home.

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