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The Processes Involved in Making Wooden Flooring

Timber-laden surfaces add elegance and warmth to living spaces. The natural quality and texture of the material also allows the interiors to breathe and take on a classy ambiance. Its durability and versatility makes it one of most preferred by many homeowners and renovators.

In these modern times, there are a lot of sorts of wooden flooring available, each made using different components and industrial processes. From the traditional lumber planks, there now are engineered, laminated, solid and reclaimed types, each having their own little variations. To see how such building staples are created from the trees of trunks, here are the basic manufacturing processes in making such timber tiles and slats:

  • Treatment
  • There are a number of approaches under this, depending on what kind of flooring or material is to be made. This can involve boiling logs at a specific temperature and duration before it is peeled. It can also include gradual drying in a low-humidity setting in order to remove the moisture from within. This phase helps prevent the wood from warping or expanding significantly as a finished product.

  • Cutting
  • Like the previous step, this also involves different styles. The rotary method peels the trunk from the outside layer going to the centre. The resulting veneer is then flattened at high pressures. The sliced technique simply cleaves into the log from one end to the other, creating circular pieces of timber. Another process under this phase uses sawing.

  • Finishing
  • Here, the cut slabs and discs are sanded, and coated with sealers and varnishes, lacquers or shellacs. Oil can also be used, while brushing can be done to take out the splinters. Polyurethane can be used also. All these help the lumber get a smooth and shiny surface.

Composite or laminate tiles are made by combining layers of resins, fibreboards, glue and patterned paper together. These, and other types of flooring used on surfaces people walk on, need to be continually buffed in order to maintain their gleam and smoothness. If you need help with this, call a team of competent sanders led by Michael Kissoon to make your grounds keep their brand-new look.


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