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Maintaining the Sanded Floor in Your House

Now that you have already given a brand new look to your wood flooring, the next thing that you should do is to keep its sparkling appearance. After all, you have spent money, time, and patience for this project and you would not want to put to waste what you have already invested. Well, it only requires very little maintenance and you can still ask guidance from the floor sanding contractor. So you do not have to worry at all.

Here are some steps that will serve as your guide in maintaining the sanded boards in your home:

  • Apply water-based cleaners to your floor in order to keep its natural shine. You can only do this if the surface has been polished with three coats of oil modified Polyurethane or four separate overlays of any fluid agent. But if it has been plastered with a factory finish, just use a damp mop that was dipped in a fluid cleanser to sanitise your wooden surface.
  • Spread a cleansing agent that contains a neutral PH value to your newly sanded tier. Only lay the chemical solution on the board after it has had enough time to cure. Normally, the wood surface that has undergone the sanding process will be ready after 2 weeks to 1 month.
  • Polish your house' stepping surface with a couple of coats of tier finish when it has acquired deep scratches. Use an artist brush to ensure that every groove is covered.
  • Wax your ground to maintain its shiny look. This must be done twice a year when you will have to remove the old layer of wax off before applying the new one.

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