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Make Bath Time Perfect with These Bathroom Ideas

Does bathing for you means stepping into the shower or the tub just to feel clean and fresh? Wouldn't it be nice if simply stepping into the bathroom can already melt all your stress away?

We all dream of a bathing place with the perfect floor and wall, the right décor, complete hardware and fixtures – and that's not impossible to achieve! Here are a few tips you can follow to create a perfect bathroom for you.

Begin with the floor

How do you like your bathroom's floor? Do you want to land on something soft and warm the moment you step out of the shower? Then roll out some carpets and shake the cold out from your bath. Here are some great bathroom rug ideas from Houzz.

Do you want an elegant floor the likes of those in hotels? Then give those floors some hard cleaning. If you have tiles, scrub of those ugly dirt and moulds on the grout and have the latter sealed. If you have marbles or hardwood, get them polished to give them that luxurious sheen. We can help you here at floor-sanders-essex.co.uk with the job.

Then the wall

Your wall's colour, design and décor can make or break the overall look of your bathroom. They can influence the ambiance too, so you might want to pay attention to that. If you have a small bathroom, you can paint the wall in monochromatic colour, using the lighter and darker shade of the same hue to create a contrast and fluidity that make the small walls recede. You can also use a combination of continuing horizontal lines and a large wall mirror to create an illusion of space.

If you want a bathing area though that says 'comfortable', try experimenting with colours. You can go all blue. This hue can make you feel calm and comfortable and is popularly used in the bathroom because it resembles water. You can also combine this colour with grey, which when used well together that can give your bath that classy and contemporary appeal. Here are some photos of blue and grey bathroom to give you some ideas.

Another colour you can experiment with is green. This colour represents nature and thus can make you feel less stressed and relax. If you want to give this nook the ambiance of a baby's room, go for pastel green. The colour is soft and cool, and looks easy on the eyes. If you want something lively, go for apple green and anything bright. These are perfect for rejuvenating your senses. More green bathroom ideas here.

And to complete your bathing experience…

Don't forget to upgrade your accessories and supplies. Replace those old, rusty faucets and showers, get some nice-smelling bubble bath soap, and have your bathrobes and dressing gowns personalised.

Also, make sure to get one of those stylish bathroom racks and hangers for your personalised towels, bathrobes, and all other bathroom essentials.

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