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Looking to Make Your Home More Valuable? Follow These Tips

Surveys showed that UK homeowners spend an average £13,000 on any one home improvement. If you want to spend this much, might as well make it worth your money, right? When choosing which renovation to carry out, take into account the returns or how much of your investment you'll be able to recoup.

Which home improvement projects add home value?

An updated kitchen

Considered as the heart of a home, any renovation done in this area usually pays off at a whopping 60% to 120%, as long as you don't overdo it. As a rule of thumb, your kitchen shouldn't be fancier than the rest of your house, and any changes made should easily blend well. Unless you plan to live in the same property for the rest of your life, you should renovate with potential buyers in mind, most of which prefer a simple and fully functional kitchen.

  • Install wooden flooring that makes your place cosier. If you already have one, have it professionally sanded and polished back to its former glory. Hiring the service doesn't cost much, but makes a huge impact.
  • Update the appliances to increase the kitchen's efficiency. Double ovens, dishwasher in a drawer, island cook top and a coffee bar are great ideas that you can use without going overboard.
  • Increase storage by using wall space efficiently. Place pullout drawers in between cabinets for added storage.

Another bathroom

Only have one bathroom in the house? You should add another one, and increase your home's resale value. This project lets you recoup an estimated 80% or more, depending on the type of bathroom added. Is it a half bath or full bath? Does it have a bathtub or not?

You can seek the help of the following professionals in this aspect:

Room reinvention

Adding an extension can significantly increase your home's living space with a return of up to 80%. But the cost involved can get out of hand, especially when unexpected problems occur. Well, why not reinvent a space or an unused room into something else instead? You'll get more savings if you finish a basement, convert the attic or turn a sunroom into a home office. If you opt to do the latter, take advantage of the following resources:

Increase energy efficiency

Ever heard of the green deal scheme where you get financing for improving your property's energy efficiency? You should take advantage of this through the Green Deal Company and enjoy several benefits. You'll not only improve the comfort of your home, but also save on utility bills with no up-front costs. Get started by having Direct Electrical Solutions Perth solar panels installed by their qualified professionals.

Add a deck

Outdoor living space is on high demand these days, what with more people opting for a “staycation” rather than an expensive trip overseas or the next state. Among the various options, adding a deck is more affordable and less complicated to carry out. It also makes a house more appealing to prospective buyers. Apart from a contractor, you'll also need services from the following providers:

Aside from all these, carry out basic updates that add the most value to your property. These include applying a fresh coat of paint, getting rid of moulds, replacing rotting wood and fixing leaks. Don't forget to set up safety measures while renovation is underway, such as mounts, ladders, platforms and walkways from Amediate Engineering.

For your own guidance, check out the following resources.


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