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Which Flooring Material Works Best with Underfloor Heating?

Stepping on cold floor is equally painful as stepping on hot coal, except that you won't have any burns. But having cold feet, literally, could start your day wrong. Rather than get out of bed, you'd probably want to crawl right back in and enjoy its warmth. A solution? Coldbuster floor heating. With heaters running underneath the flooring, you'd feel warm underfoot.

To get the most of underfloor heating (UHF), however, you must choose the right flooring material. Some products are thicker than others, reducing heat output. What are your options then?

  • Carpet

Despite being a good insulator, a carpet can still be used with UHF. Just make sure that in addition to its underlay, their total thermal resistance is less than 2.5 tog. Otherwise, heat won't be able to pass through.

  • Wood

Wooden floors have always been a favourite among many homeowners. If you're using the same material, you should check if its moisture content is around 9%. If not, you might have to replace everything if you want to use UHF with it. This is because damp wood has a risk of shrinking, resulting to gaps in the floorboards. Although you can always use gap fillings to remedy the problem, it's best to use wood that isn't too damp or too dry to get the best results.

  • Laminates/Vinyl

Both of these materials make an ideal combination with underfloor heaters, because they allow a good heat output and are not thermally resistant. However, not all laminates and vinyl are compatible with a UHF, which is why you should refer to the manufacturer for advice. These materials aren't also recommended for use in rooms with high heat or those with a temperature above 260C, as they will warp under such conditions.

  • Timber

Timber and UHF are the perfect combination. Unlike other types of hardwood, timber is thermally stable, and won't react to heat or humidity. It is also sustainable, making it the ideal choice if you want to make your house greener. Because of its warming tones, it also adds to the cosy feel and appeal of your home interior. This is especially true if you hire floor sanders to smooth and shine the surface, and bring out its amazing natural appearance.

  • Tiles and stone

Because tiles and stone are normally cold, more and more people are using UHF with them. How long it takes the floor to heat up, however, depends on the thickness of the material used. But once optimum temperature is reached, the difference in heat output won't matter, whether the tiles are thick or thin.

Underfloor heating has several benefits. Combined with the right flooring material, the more you can maximise its purpose.


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