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Floor Sanding and Wood Flooring Maintenance Ideas

Sanding is a process that will help you take care of your floor. This is defined as the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden landing by the use of an abrasive material. A variety of types can qualify for this application. This includes cork, timber, particleboard, and sometimes parquet.

Below are some points that will justify the importance of this procedure:

  1. Prevention from wear and tear. As time pass, your floor will slowly degrade due to continuous usage. If your house is a already a few years old, you may come across some cracks and dents. Additionally, the planks may also get loose. This technique will tighten the defective nails to prevent further deterioration.
  2. Re-staining advantage. This system will also bring back the original lustre of your wooden base. The movement of furniture, floor cleaning, and normal usage commonly results to the gradual change of its original shade. By opting for this proceeding, you will be able to obtain a fresh and a new look.
  3. Protective mechanism. The primary goal of this routine is of course to safeguard your floor covering. With the help of the so-called sealing procedure, a layer of lacquer or oil coating is applied. This is to prevent water from seeping deep down. This will also keep moulds and mildew away.

Now that you already have a good idea of how crucial is the aforementioned process, it is now time for you to learn of the other ways on how to can maintain your wooden flooring.

  1. Sweep. You can make use of brooms which have fine and exploded ends as such will effectively trap the dust and grit. Be sure to regularly do this to prevent foreign particles to accumulate further as they may cause scratches and dents.
  2. Mop. Make use of a dust mop which has a 12 to 18 inches of cotton head. You can consider checking with the manufacturer if a treatment is necessary. This is also a very practical way of removing all the sticky dirt.
  3. Vacuum. Opt for a canister vacuum with a special attachment necessary to preserve the beauty of your base. Do not go for the ones with beater bars as they may cause certain damages to the finish.
  4. Sunlight. You have to be aware that constant exposure to the heat of the sun may lead to discolouration. Be sure to close your curtains or blinds during humid times of the day. You can also add sheer draperies to protect it from UV rays.

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