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Cleaning Chemicals That Damage Wooden Materials

Owning a wooden furnishing can have its advantages. For one, it will add character to your home or office. It can also boost a place’s comfort level. But with this material comes the fact that you have to maintain it properly.  One thing you have to be aware of is that a lot of the cleaning products in the market are actually harmful to the material itself. Let us take a look at which of these are damaging.

Below are the following substances you should avoid when cleaning your flooring and furniture pieces made of wood.


Never let this substance get through your furnishing.  Because once it seeps through the finish and get into the wood itself, it will cause the component to bloat and then crack, eventually. In case the furniture in question is combined with components that need to be cleaned with water, make sure that the liquid will not touch the wooden surface. Better yet, remove the part beforehand.

Harsh Chemicals

Abrasive solutions should not come in contact with your possession. That is because they might cause unwanted scratches on the surface. Also, when choosing a tool to use, avoid hard cloth or rough sponge, to prevent dents to the finish.

Mixed Cleaning Substance

It is always best to stick to one product only. You never know what type of effect will happen once two or more substances are mixed and applied to the wooden surface.  Worse, the fumes it will make can be very harmful to your health if you accidentally inhale it.

So what are the steps then to clean your furniture? Well, one way to make sure you do not have a hard time with the process, avoid allowing the dust to accumulate, by wiping it down on a daily basis.


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