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Ways to Keep Wood Flooring Looking like Brand New

Does your home have wood flooring or carpet? Between the two, the former is more popular for a lot of reasons. The look of wood alone can already justify why a lot of homeowners prefer to have it installed. This is especially true in traditional or classic home interior. But even modern and contemporary houses use wood flooring, because of its elegant and sophisticated appeal.

Apart from the looks, wood is also easy to clean. It may have to be done frequently, but you don't need to do much except sweep off dust and dirt. Unlike a carpet, wood don't hide dust mites and other bacteria, making it ideal for when you have pets and children. True, it is hard underfoot, but it's generally clean.

Most importantly, it's environmentally friendly. Most raw materials come from trees that are renewable and at a remarkable pace, at that. Due to wood flooring manufacturers' commitment to sustainable forestry, there are more hardwood forests now than before.

The downside with wood flooring, however, is that it scratches easily. Then again, you can always check if the furniture won't cause any damage before you start dragging it. Replace the chair tips if necessary. With a wide range of products available, from round to square tips, finding replacement chair tips won't be a problem. You can also choose an item based on the materials used, be it plastic or rubber.

Since you can't blame all the scuffs on the furniture alone, it's best to follow general maintenance tips for wood flooring.

  • Regularly check for scratches, discolouration, dents and the like. If repairs are done quickly and easily, further damage is kept under control.
  • Always clean floors, but never with a wet mop. Doing so will dull its finish and might allow moisture to seep through, especially when the seal already has cracks.
  • When using a broom, make sure it has exploded tips to avoid scratching the surface. If you prefer a vacuum, make sure its attachment is suitable for hardwood flooring.
  • Wipe and dry out any spills immediately after it happens. Don't let any liquid pool or seep through to prevent moisture damage. Remember to use only soft and dry cloth.
  • Add chair tips to all the furniture, especially those that don't use caster wheels. There is plenty of chair tips online that you can purchase, so there's no reason to let furniture items cause damage to the wood flooring. Between the cost of chair tips and wood repairs, the former is a lot cheaper.
  • Forbid anyone wearing sports cleats or damaged high heels from walking on hardwood floors, as these can lead so scratches or even dents.

Now, for the ultimate flooring care, hire wood floor sanders and finishers. Regardless of how careful you are, there will come a time when the finish has faded and the seal need to be re-applied. To ensure that the floor is brought back to its former glory, let professionals do the work. They have the tools, skills and experience to perform the task efficiently and properly. They also provide gap solutions for sub-flooring, which are essential to increase the longevity of wood flooring.

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