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Things to Do Before Starting a Living Room Renovation Project

Isn’t it exciting to renovate your living room? However, the experience can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done any preparation. How much can you afford to spend? Where will you start? Where will you find those trusted builders? Well, you can make the process simpler by following some steps before starting any work.

  1. Research And Plan.

One key to a successful renovation project is plenty of forethought, knowledge and information, especially if you're making structural changes. So, take your time to plan before you begin, so you’ll be less likely to have regrets when you’re finished. Get everything on paper. Create a layout with your architect and think about what you might need for such a plan. Do you need to bring down a wall? Do you want cowhide rugs from NZ for a finishing touch?

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle.

Try to envision yourself and your family get the most use out of the space. Are you considering to use it for parties or family gatherings? Think of the long-term use of the space. Plan not only for this stage, but also for the next phases of your life. Are you newly wed and planning to have children in a few years? To have useful ideas, you can ask people who already have children what works in real life and what doesn't.

If you have older parents living with you, be sure to make the space safe and comfortable for them.

  1. Consult Professionals.

Once you have an idea on what you want in your new living room, you should gather information. You can check an article on hiring a pro for your living room renovation or search the web for other reliable resources, like trade group websites.

  1. Do Crowdsourcing.

Don't forget to speak with real people, like your family, neighbours and friends, to ask recommendations for professionals who’ll work on the renovation. Also, ask them if there are any service providers you should steer clear of. Find out what they included in their renovations that they’re happy of and what are those they think weren't worth their money.

  1. Get All Materials And Furnishings Ready.

By doing all the previous steps, you should already know what type of renovation you’ll have. With this in mind, you can create a final list of materials—wood, paint, cowhide rugs from NZ, etc—for the project. Discuss the details with your architect, interior designer and builder.

By getting all these steps done, you can now start your living room renovation project.

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